Get The Beatnik


Urban Stylish Showroom

Home to our own BEATNIK branded merchandise such as cool hats and T's along with and some exclusive partner retail products like Givi, Velomacchi, NEXX Helmets, UglyBros Jeans, Merlin Bike Gear, StylMartin BootsHolyFreedom and more. BEATNIK is focused on quality, practicality and style. Want something unique and new? Come in and check us out or use our online shop to get your next favorite thing.

The Rental Room

Get comfortable in our Rental Room while selecting your Nexx Motorcycle Helmets and getting your motorcycle accessories and motorcycle riding jackets etc. selected. BEATNIK will do a full safety briefing on the big screen and walk you through your route and the Scrambler Ducati you have selected. Fully equipped with the latest technology and top quality gear, the BEATNIK Rental Room is a great start to your adventure.

Operations Tours

Curious and want to see what goes on in the BEATNIK Garage or how it all works?
No problem, just ask our staff and they will be happy to tour you through our great facility so you can see the BEATNIK Bikes, Gear, Technology and Support/Safety Mechanisms in place. Don’t be shy, it’s pretty cool, we've worked hard on it and love to show it off.