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It’s Time To Get Dirty//

BEATNIK is proud to present our first Training Course, Introduction to Gravel Riding Level 1, in partnership with Empowered Journeys. This 1 day ADV training course is targeted at those riders who would like to do some off-seal/gravel road riding and haven’t done so, as well as those who feel they may be a bit rusty and want to brush up on the basics before the summer arrives. The program will be fully managed and supported by BEATNIK and training will be provide by Neil, Chief Instructor from Empowered Journeys. Both are know for their approachable attitudes and focus on quality and customer satisfaction so this is a great match up!

More About the Instructor: Neil is passionate about motorcycling and has been on two wheels for over 30 years. Neil is a qualified advanced motorcycling instructor and an observer and examiner with the NZ Institute of Advanced Motorists, specializing in advanced riding and driving skills, using the internationally-recognized Roadcraft approach. Neil has been riding trail and adventure bikes since 2002 and coaching adventure riding for several years now.

Where, When and How//

The inaugural courses will be held on SEPT 7 and SEPT 8 here in amazing Marlborough. Each day will start will start with coffee and snacks at BEATNIK HQ with Neil going over some theory and dispensing a bit of wisdom to get everyone set up for success. From there its a short ride on seal out to the BEATNIK Training Compound which is a private, closed course area where our clients can learn and develop their skills in a controlled setting. Neil will work with you through practical training and exercises during the morning and early afternoon before taking you and your new skills on some great gravel routes back to BEATNIK HQ. The day will finish up with a post ride briefing and some Q&A.


CUSTOM and bespoke//

The format for the course small group and full service in order to provide the best possible outcome for all of the riders. Each training day will be limited to max 6 riders and includes the following:

  • Trainer with intercoms, course markers, hand out materials etc.

  • Coffee and Refreshments in the morning theory session

  • Support Truck and BEATNIK rep following the group throughout. It will have tools, and supplies for basic adjustments, repairs or breakdown recovery etc. as well as First Aid kit and communications

  • Lunch and refreshments on site at the Beatnik Compound.

  • BEATNIK riding Jersey and Cap

  • 1 pair of FIVE Off Road Gloves

  • 20% off CONTINENTAL Tires

RENTAL OPTION: In addition to the above for those with the will and desire but without a suitable bike, we are offering discounted rental rate for the BEATNIK Scrambler Desert Sled’s with FREE fuel.

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Basic Requirements//

To attend is very simple but we do have a couple of requirements you should be aware of before confirming your spot.

  • Appropriate and well maintained motorcycle (registered and warranted) with road legal dual sport/ADV oriented tires. Good examples are Continental TKC 80’s, Pirelli Scorpion Rally or similar.

  • Full protective gear including proper riding boots, pants, jacket, helmet, gloves with adequate crash/impact protection. ADV Riding can be unpredictable so having proper gear on can be the difference between a good laugh and a trip to the hospital.

NOTE: PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE TRAVEL/PERSONAL INSURANCE that covers cancellations as all bookings are non-refundable

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ADV Training Level 1: Intro To Gravel

Sat - Sept 7 2019

$450.00 NZD


ADV Training Level 1: Intro To Gravel

Sun - Sept 8 2019

$450.00 NZD


Ducati DESERT SLED Rental

Either Day

$200.00 NZD






General Info

LOCATION CHANGES - New Zealand is a beautiful and rugged place. As such, we can have sudden weather events or worse that may affect or limit access to some areas. There will be multiple contingency plans in place within reason in the event we cannot access our facility.

WEATHER - We encourage all riders to plan and prepare themselves and equipment for the possibility of riding in Rain, Wind, Heat, Cold and everything in between as New Zealand can dish it all up in the same day! This is ADVENTURE riding after all so, we will be pressing on and getting the full experience Rain or Shine. The Support Truck will be available to haul any additional gear you wish to have along for weather conditions.

FUEL - The support truck will carry some extra fuel for any ‘oops’ moments but please be full in the morning and this should be more than enough for the day’s activities

MISC. - If you are uncertain of anything at all or have any gear or equipment needs, just contact the friendly team at BEATNIK MOTO and they can help you out.

CANCELLATIONS: PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE TRAVEL INSURANCE that covers cancellations as all bookings are non-refundable.


The safety and security of the course and our guests is top priority. There will be First Aid Equipment in the Support Truck and the Support Truck driver will have communications available in the unlikely case of more serious injury.

The final route for the last part of the training day will be kept confidential and only be passed along to riders shortly before the ride. This will ensure the route’s integrity and increase security along the way. There will be briefings on what to expect for each portion of the day and plenty of opportunity to ask questions or specify any special/issues.

TRAVEL/PERSONAL INSURANCE: It can be a bit difficult finding insurance that will cover activities like motorcycle riding however we have have had good luck with companies like WORLD NOMADS if you are looking for a provider.

This is just for helpful information, World Nomads is in no way associated or a sponsor of this event.




Q:What motorcycles are considered Qualified?
A: No official restriction on bike types but it should be appropriate for task and must be fitted with ADV/off road oriented tires such as Scorpion Rally, TKC 80 or similar. If you are unsure just contact BEATNIK and ask us.

Q:What about Navigation?
A:No need, we will be riding as a small group with Support Truck. No one will get left behind.

Q:What about my extra gear/bags?
A: NO PROBLEM! All items and bags needed can be put in the support vehicle so that you only carry what you need on your bike.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have more Questions?
A: The professional and helpful team at BEATNIK MOTO are always happy to help. You can contact us directly by phone: +64 3 9722894 or email: