Rental Agreement

Beatnik Motorsport Terms and Conditions Definitions:

Beatnik Motorsport Ltd. will be referred to as BEATNIK throughout this document.

Renter/Operator will be referred to as CLIENT throughout this document.  CLIENT (where there is more than one under a Rental Agreement) shall include all persons authorised under the Rental Agreement.

Currency is in New Zealand Dollars unless otherwise stated.


BEATNIK motorcycles and scooters are all fully insured, registered as rental vehicles and have current WOF (Warrant of Fitness). All motorcycles are purchased new and have a complete maintenance history for the life of the motorcycle. Cleaning and standard maintenance quality/safety checks are done in house at BEATNIK shop and any activities requiring more advanced repair are done at a facility authorized by the manufacturer. BEATNIK is authorized by New Zealand Transport Agency as a Rental Agency and holds Rental Service Licence #0260399.

All motorcycle and scooter pick-ups and drop offs are to be done at BEATNIK shop located at #49 Mainstreet, Blenheim New Zealand, unless otherwise pre-arranged at the time of booking. Additional charges for one-way hires and pick ups may apply.


Vehicles will be supplied full of fuel.  The CLIENT shall pay for all fuel during hire and must return the vehicle full of fuel or additional charges will be incurred by the CLIENT.  Vehicles must be refuelled with premium fuel (95 octane or better) only.

Client Requirements:

Age - CLIENT (and any authorised persons) must be 25 years of age or older for any motorcycle rental from BEATNIK. This is an insurance requirement and BEATNIK has no ability to change this. 

Experience – Client acknowledges they have prior experience and are well skilled in operating the vehicles they have selected.

Only persons authorised under the Rental Agreement can operate the vehicle. 

Charges relate to one person operating the vehicle.  An additional fee of $10 per day per person will apply to any additional persons authorised as driver under the Rental Agreement.  CLIENT and authorised persons will all be bound by these terms and conditions and the provisions of the Rental Agreement signed.


New Zealand law require all motorcyclists and passengers to wear approved helmets at all times.

Licence Requirement:

FULL Licence CLIENT will need a current and valid motorcycle Licence from your home country that authorizes you to ride the size and type of motorcycle being rented. If your Licence is not in English or in partial English, you will need an international driving permit along with your original Licence. See the link to NZTA for more details.

LAMS Licence -  LAMS approved models (400cc) are available for LAMS Licenced riders. Clients with LAMS Licences must comply with New Zealand LAMS restrictions that apply to your Licence conditions. BEATNIK will fit an “L” plate to the Motorcycle as required. Please see the link for more details.

Vespa 50 Scooters - For the Vespa 50 Scooters you will need a current and valid driving Licence from your home country that authorizes you to drive a normal passenger vehicle. If your Licence is not in English or in partial English, you will need an international driving permit along with your original Licence. See the link to NZTA for more details. YOU DO NOT NEED A MOTORCYCLE LICENCE TO RIDE THE VESPA 50CC SCOOTERS – CAR LICENCE ONLY.

International driving permit - An international driving permit is an official translation of CLIENTS current Licence and its conditions. This is issued by an authorized body from the country that your driving Licence is issued by. An international driving permit is NOT a driving Licence. It must be presented WITH the Licence to which it was issued.  We recommend you check with the local authority in your country of origin to find out more on international driving permits before making a booking.

Use of Vehicles:

Vehicles must not be taken off road, on dirt/gravel/sand/non-sealed roads at any time.  They must only be driven on paved/concrete/sealed roads and highways.  Failure to comply with this condition shall entitle BEATNIK to cancel the rental and take immediate possession of the vehicle, accessories, gear or other BEATNIK assets.  BEATNIK shall also be entitled to immediately charge the CLIENT the full standard excess amount to the CLIENT’S credit card.


Bookings made 31 days or more prior to hire date will require a deposit of 20% of the overall total booking amount as a security deposit from CLIENT. Upon receipt of this deposit, BEATNIK will confirm your booking. The remainder of booking charges will be payable in full 30 days before the hire date.

Bookings made 30 days or less prior to start date will require payment in full of the total booking amount. Upon receipt of this payment, BEATNIK will confirm your booking.

Bookings can be made on line, over the phone or in person at the BEATNIK shop. All bookings require a valid credit card to place the excess hold amount. Payment of deposits and remaining costs can be done with credit card, bank transfer or cash.

Local Taxes: All BEATNIK goods and services are subject to New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (15%).

Cancellation Policy:

CLIENT can cancel at any time prior to pick up and will be subject to cancellation fees as per Cancellation Fees section. Cancellations must be in writing via email. Effective date of the cancellation will be the time and date notice of cancellation is received by BEATNIK (New Zealand local time).

Cancellation Fee:

BEATNIK requires written cancellation notice via email to cancel a booking. Once this cancellation is received, the following cancellation fees will apply:

-          Cancellation 90 days or more before hire date will be charged 5% of total booking amount
-          Cancellation 31 - 89 days before hire date:  CLIENT will be charged 20% of total booking amount
-          Cancellation 30 Days or less before hire date: Client will be charged 100% of total booking amount.

*Beatnik recommends that CLIENT have adequate travel insurance to cover any losses due to booking cancellation.



There will be no refunds for early returns. 

A Full Day Rental shall mean pick up and drop off by the same time the next day.  If the vehicle is returned late under a Full Day Rental agreement the CLIENT will be charged a penalty fee for each day late equal to twice the charge for a Full Day Rate of motorcycle and accessories.

A Business Day Rental shall mean pick up between 8-10am and return by 5pm.  If the vehicle is returned late under a Business Day Rental agreement the CLIENT will be charged a penalty fee for each day late equal to the charge for a Business Day rate of motorcycle and accessories.

Pick ups or drop offs outside of Business Hours [insert hours] can be pre-arranged for an additional fee.


All BEATNIK vehicles are insured to cover vehicle damage, loss and theft only. Insurance does not cover personal injury or loss or damage to personal items. 

CLIENT will need to sign a “Terms and Conditions/Rental Agreement” form which will include accepting the insurance excess (deductible) amount. The standard excess applies to all hire vehicles. This will be approved via the CLIENTS signature on the rental agreement and the excess amount will be secured on the CLIENTS credit card in the form of a ‘hold’ on the card.

Standard Excess - $2500 per motorcycle and $1500 per scooter

Excess Reduction – you have the option to reduce the excess amount by paying a $35/day fee per vehicle, this will reduce the excess amount CLIENT is responsible for from $2500 to $750 on motorcycles and from $1500 to 500 on scooters. This applies to all BEATNIK vehicles.

Damage Check List – The “Terms and Conditions/Rental Agreement” will include a ‘Dispatch check list’ and a ‘Return check list’ which will detail the condition of the vehicle at the time of dispatch and return including any damage, dings, scratches, etc.. The Dispatch checklist will be reviewed and signed by CLIENT and BEATNIK Rep at the time of hire to detail all pre-existing conditions. Upon return of the vehicle a preliminary inspection will be done by a BEATNIK Rep in the presence of the CLIENT, referencing the ‘Dispatch Check list’ to identify any new damage to the vehicle. Both parties will sign the Return Check List. BEATNIK reserves the right to determine the final condition of the vehicle.

Damage, Loss, Accidents, Incidents – In the rare event of any damage or incident involving a BEATNIK vehicle, the CLIENT must advise BEATNIK as soon as possible of the same by telephone. Notification to BEATNIK must be made regardless of amount of damage (if any) or responsibility/fault.  BEATNIK may at its discretion deduct the full amount of insurance excess from the CLIENTS card immediately following notification.  No repairs shall be undertaken by CLIENT without BEATNIK’s express consent, except where such repairs are necessary to prevent additional damage to the vehicle.

Once BEATNIK has gained resolution on the incident (local authorities reports, potential fines etc.) and inspected and repaired the vehicle (if needed) at BEATNIKS facility or an approved manufacturers facility, if the total amount incurred (if any) as a result of the incident is less than the excess charged to the CLIENT, the difference will be refunded to the CLIENT at the earliest opportunity. This also applies for any damages found at or after time of return.

Accessories and Gear – Accessories and Riding Gear are not covered by the insurance policy and any loss, repair or replacement of the same will be charged back to CLIENT at actual cost plus a 10% admin fee.

Default, Damage and Breach of Agreement:

BEATNIK reserves the right to cancel or terminate any reservation [booking} or rental and take immediate possession of any BEATNIK vehicle, accessories, gear or other assets in the event CLIENT fails to comply with any terms of these terms and condition and/or any rental  agreement, or BEATNIK property is damaged or BEATNIK has cause to believe that there is reasonable expectation that damage or loss may occur. The termination or taking possession shall not release the CLIENT from any liability and is without prejudice to the rights of BEATNIK under either these terms and conditions or the terms of any Rental Agreement.


If Insurance Claim is Declined:

If an insurance claim is declined due to CLIENT breaching the terms of the insurance cover the CLIENT accepts liability to BEATNIK for the loss of or damage to the vehicle and accessories and any consequential loss or expenses incurred by BEATNIK.


CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that the vehicle is rented to the CLIENT at the CLIENT’s own risk.   BEATNIK assumes no responsibility for any bodily injury, illness, death or damage/loss to personal possessions or for any consequential loss while CLIENT is at our shop or while operating/utilizing any BEATNIK equipment, vehicles or other accessories/gear. BEATNIK is not responsible for any fines, tickets, road tolls or any other costs or expenses incurred by CLIENT while in possession of BEATNIK vehicles or property.

BEATNIK shall not be liable or responsible for any delays, cancellations, loss of property, property damage, bodily injury, illness or death due to events out of its control. This includes but is not limited to adverse weather, natural disasters, acts of god, supply or omission of other services such as lodging, meals, transportation etc.

BEATNIK is responsible to provide a clean, insured, registered vehicle in good and safe mechanical condition at time of pick up. Rental accessories will be in good working order and free from any damage that may alter their intended effectiveness.

CLIENT is fully responsible for their own safety and well-being while utilizing BEATNIK vehicles, products and services. CLIENT must exercise caution and good judgment at all times and comply with all New Zealand laws, rules and regulations. CLIENT must familiarize themselves with the local driving/riding conditions, regulations and hazards they may encounter while operating BEATNIK vehicles and prepare accordingly.

CLIENT is responsible to report any physical damage, mechanical defects or issues with any of BEATNIKs vehicles or accessories/gear as soon as possible. Any issue which may compromise the safety of the CLIENT should cause the client to cease activity, report it and wait until it can be remedied by BEATNIK or BEATNIK assigned persons/agency. 


Our relationship with you is governed by New Zealand law and New Zealand courts have nonexclusive jurisdiction.


By signing this document CLIENT agrees they have read and understand it in its entirety. CLIENT acknowledges they possess the required documentation, experience physical and mental skills, knowledge of local conditions and laws that are required to ensure a safe and lawful journey. CLIENT understands that these terms and conditions may be updated at any time and accepts that they should ensure to review at the time of signing the agreement just before departure.


You can download a printable copy of the full terms and conditions here.