BEATNIK – def: [noun] ‘A person who avoids conventional behavior, dress etc.’

The definition says it all. Everyone is different and unique but not all dare to be so. The Founders of BEATNIK have rejuvenated this word for modern times as it fits a specific turning point in their lives. This turning point involved a sudden change of events where they chose to leave the conventional ‘work every day’ world behind and embarked on a year of travel and adventure. No deadlines, no offices, no bosses or co-workers and no obligations other than to each other. True Freedom. During this time the “Beatnik’s”, as they had become known to friends and their social media followers, discovered long forgotten passions and even had a few ‘a ha!’ moments about life. They even dawned some unconventional ‘vacation hair cuts’ inspiring the BEATNIK official logo. “There is no dress code for vacation.” as Mr. Beatnik says.  While we all have to get back to 'reality' at some point, we want to help enable our customers experience this feeling of freedom as well. BEATNIK brings forward an attitude of ‘why not?’ and ‘personal freedom’,  aiming to facilitate unique and exciting experiences for our customers. 

"Sunshine in your face, wind on your skin and open road in your sights. You owe it to yourself.”


BEATNIK loves all forms of motorized contrivances and motorsport. Motorcycles? We LOVE Motorcycles. BEATNIK believes that riding on two wheels is an excellent form of self expression and with New Zealand hosting some of the best riding in the world and Marlborough hosting some of the best riding in New Zealand, its a natural fit.

Hmmm…. Riders blasting through the Marlborough Sounds on Ducati’s while the rest of the tribe tours the Marlborough vineyards in style on Italian Vespa’s? Ya, we thought you might like that. So do we.

BEATNIK wholeheartedly invites you to join our motorsport adventure by creating one of your own.  

Be Bold, Be Free, Be BEATNIK