Motorcycle Rentals New Zealand

It can be an intimidating prospect to book a motorcycle adventure/experience months ahead and in many cases, from over seas. Its very expensive and you can not always tell if your expectations will be met when you arrive. There can be many uncertainties but here are a few tips to ensure you get the best bang for your buck and have a memorable experience.


Guided or Self Guided

Lets cut right to the chase here. Guides are expensive and in the day and age of smart phone and GPS technology, they are becoming less and less relevant as time goes on. Its actually extremely easy for a newcomer to safely navigate the country and identify the 'must see's' through various travel and local social media platforms... Read more

Where to go?

I'll cut to the chase - South Island. New Zealand is beautiful from top to bottom with good riding to be had on both the North and South Islands so it really comes down to how much time you have. If like the rest of us you have a limited amount of time and want to see the 'best of NZ', the South Island is the place to be... Read more


Quality Focused

First things first. Ensure your selected hire company is registered and holds a "Rental Service License" From New Zealand Transport. They should either confirm this on their web site or be happy to confirm the same with you via email. If they hesitate or cant confirm, that's a red flag and... Read more

The Wheels

Once you narrow down your providers, you will want to pick a bike. Be wary of any company that can't give you confirmation on an exact age, make and model of bike. Again most operators in NZ are very good with this but there is always room for it to go sideways if you don't confirm... Read more


Must be 25+ years old to ride Beatnik Motorcycles and Scooters

NOTE: These Scooters are 'fun not fast' and intended for touring the immediate region. We do not recommend planning trips outside of a 10-15 km radius of Beatnik HQ.


Want to add some style to your adventure?

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